Pure vanilla extract,

The only pure vanilla is the vanilla bean itself


In searching the internet, I found information regarding vanilla confusing and factually misleading.
I was raised in the vanilla region of Mexico and am familiar with the vanilla plant and the importance of the proper preparation and processing required in producing the maximum flavor.
There are many factors involved in producing the quality and flavor we look for in vanilla. Most vanillas today are either diluted or have been made with low quality vanilla beans. For this reason many have lost the true flavor recognition.
We receive many questions inquiring about our vanilla process. We hope this will answer many of those questions. I will explain and include pictures of our process to help answer these questions.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a required standard that one must follow in making pure vanilla extract. That standard is based on using 13.5 ounces of vanilla beans in one gallon of liquid consisting of 35% Alcohol and 65% Water. The standard also allows for the addition of sugar and glycerin. The permitted use of refined sugar and glycerin, in our opinion removes it from the pure category. We feel this standard should be updated as they do not mention the quality of the vanilla beans, which contains the flavor. We use only prime vanilla beans in our process.
It is worth noting that the basic difference between Orlando vanilla and other vanillas of the world is the amount of beans processed at one time.
While some companies process vanilla in tons, we process by ounces. While some use machines, the hands of our employees touch each bean. Their vanilla beans come from suppliers who win the bid on the lowest price from Madagascar, Tahiti, Angola, India, and other regions where vanilla has been transplanted. Orlando vanilla comes from the original region where vanilla was created. We process our own vanilla beans, which are grown organically in an enclosed structure without the use of fertilizers, or insecticides. Orlando beans are aged for one to two years to develop the more than 150 different flavor components found in the bean.
We follow the FDA standard, without using sugar or glycerin. We use natural cane alcohol and use only Prime organic vanilla beans. We have the most modern water filter system available. We do not use coumarin, and our product is gluten free. Our vanilla is "hand crafted" the old fashioned way in small 5 gallon batches.

We invite you to experience the real flavor of the world’s original vanilla, Orlando Vanilla.