MOTHER EARTH TO YOUR KITCHEN.

Orlando products is a small Family owned and operated Natural Vanilla Company located just 9 miles from Puerto Vallarta in the quaint little village of Ixtapa, Jalisco.
Most of you opening this web site are existing customers who have experienced the true Natural flavor of our blended vanilla. For those of you who are new, you are in store for a new experience in vanilla flavor.
Our unique flavor comes from our special process of curing and aging our organically grown vanilla beans.
This process takes over one year to complete. Our entire blending process is done by hand the old fashioned way. We select only Premium vanilla beans in order to extract the more than 150 flavor components found in the bean. Once we have extracted the vanilla we then allow the liquid to age in order for the blending process to occur.

At Orlando,"Vanilla is our bussiness not one of our businesses"

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